Get a custom design for your backyard in seconds.

Deciding what to do with your yard can be overwhelming. 144 is the fastest, easiest way to turn a 12 x 12 space–that needs some love–into a lovely space to spend time. Simply tell us what you want, and voila! 


What is 144

We are a community of designers and contractors with over 75 years of experience. We wanted to create a faster, easier way to design spaces for your landscape. After completing thousands of projects, we realized that almost everybody has a 12 x 12 (144 square feet) space.
Whether you only need a single 12 x 12 space designed, or you’re looking to recreate a much larger space by combining multiple 12 x12 spaces, 144 helps bring any size yard a professional and stylized layout.

With 144, you get more than you expected, for less than you anticipated.



Transform your yard from having potential, to having functional style and class.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos.


Let 144 match you with a design in 3 simple steps.


It’s easy. We want to make sure you receive a design that you can afford to complete.


Designing a space can be tough, we’ve simplified it down to a single style selection. 


Let us know what you'll use your yard for and we’ll find a design with that use in mind. 

Real Life 144

Following a 144 Styling plan is easy and quick. Build your design in an afternoon.

Here’s some more inspiration from the 144 community.


Featuring Designers from all over the world.

More designers means more options for 144 algorithm to do its magic and serve up the best possible design.


Get the perfect design, plans, details and more for your dream space all for just $49.99!

There’s never been a more comprehensive design service for such an affordable price.

What people love about 144

144 is super awesome. It was amazingly fast to do too, I didn't even have to think. I just answered a few questions and it pumped out a great design.
- Mark M.
I was kinda skeptical that 144 could give me a design that I would like in my space, but it's like they'd been stalking my pinterest boards, super pleased.
- Caroline Marcov
I am a GC with over 30 years experience and I was impressed with the level of detail that was provided through such a simple experience.
- Mark Stone

Our designs are ready to create your dream space.

Your friends want to come over, design a space you’ll all enjoy. 
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